Ethical Principles and Publication Policy

The guidelines given by the Publication Ethics Committee (COPE) are taken as reference in case of disagreements about the studies in our journal.

Ethical Responsibilities of Authors


Authors of original articles should present an objective discussion of the significance of the work as well as providing an accurate description of the work. Data must be accurately represented in the study. A work should contain sufficient detail and references to allow others to check or repeat the work. In addition, authors are required to prepare their work according to the sample article template of the International Journal of Holistic Health, Sports and Recreation.

All authors of the article submitted to the International Holistic Health, Sports and Recreation Journal are required to sign the copyright agreement form stating that the article has not been previously published and is not being considered for publication in any other journal. In addition, the Author(s) must agree to transfer all rights to the International Holistic Health, Sports and Recreation Journal, including the exclusive right to publish, reprints, translations, photographs and reproductions, storage, reproduction and distribution electronically, in whole or in part. This will mean that all authors accept the terms.

Authenticity, Plagiarism and Citation

It is the responsibility of the author/authors to ensure the originality of the articles. The data in the articles are expected to be real. Authors should submit only original works and appropriately cite or quote the work or words of others. The author is required to submit a statement showing that his or her submission is original work. Authors are obliged to participate in the peer-review process. They should contact the editors of the International Journal of Holistic Health, Sports and Recreation and respond to their reviews, comments and suggestions. They must also adhere to the relevant deadlines. Authors are responsible for retracting or correcting errors. All errors detected in the article after submission should be promptly reported to the Editor. The authors are obliged to inform the journal about possible errors in the published article.

Article Authoring

Authorship should be limited to individuals who have made significant contributions to the understanding, design, execution or interpretation of the reported work. All significant contributors should be listed as co-authors. The corresponding author will ensure that all contributing co-authors are included in the author list. Corresponding author will also verify that all co-authors have approved the final version of the article and agree to its publication. The author(s) must acknowledge that all Authors listed on the title page have contributed significantly to the study, have read the article, approve the validity and legitimacy of the data and comments and their interpretation, and submit it to the International Journal of Holistic Health, Sports and Recreation. The journal acknowledges that all authors are correct in the content and order of the author list and that no changes can be made to the author list without the official approval of the Editor. In addition, the Authors are deemed to have accepted the Editor's decisions regarding acceptance or rejection in case of detection of a violation of the Publication Ethics Principles in the International Holistic Health, Sports and Recreation Journal. No additional authors will be added after submission, unless the editors receive approval from all authors and detailed explanation of why the list of authors should be changed. On behalf of all Co-Authors, the Corresponding Author will assume full responsibility for the Submission. Violation of the Publication Ethics and Publication Abuse terms may result in the article being withdrawn.

Conflicts of Interest
All authors must include a statement disclosing any financial or other material conflicts of interest that may affect the results or interpretation of their article. All sources of financial support for the project should be disclosed.

Ethical Duties and Responsibilities of Editors

The editors work with an international advisory board to guide the shaping of the journal and an international editorial board for submitted manuscripts. Editors should ensure that all research materials they publish comply with internationally accepted ethical guidelines.

Editors are responsible for the content and overall quality of the publication. Editors should always consider the needs of authors and readers when trying to improve publication. Editors must ensure the quality of manuscripts and the integrity of academic records.

Editors should base their decisions solely on the importance, originality, clarity, and relevance of articles for publication. Editors should not allow any conflict of interest between authors, reviewers and board members.

The editorial board must confirm receipt of submitted manuscripts and ensure an efficient, fair and timely review process of submitted manuscripts (Review procedure).

The editor must deal fairly with an author's objection to the rejection of a submitted article. The editor must decide whether to accept or reject an article for publication by simply citing the article's importance, originality, and clarity, and relevance to the journal. The editor may reject any article at any time before it is published, including after acceptance if any concerns arise.

Editors should report any conflict of interest that may arise, particularly where the author of a submitted article is an editor, the article should be forwarded to another editor for independent peer review.

Editors, whether or not an article has been published, should take action if they suspect misconduct and persistently make all reasonable attempts to find a solution to the problem.

Editors are responsible for making decisions, usually in consultation with the author, regarding any academic misconduct or convincing evidence that a published article is inaccurate. This may require an official "retraction" or release of a fix.

Ethical Responsibilities of Referees

All review decisions should be objective.

Investigations should be done objectively. Personal criticism of the author(s) is not acceptable. Referees should express their views clearly with appropriate supporting arguments. Reviewers are expected to respond promptly to review requests and submit reviews within the agreed timeframe. Reviewers' comments should be constructive, honest and polite.

Articles reviewed should be treated confidentially.

Reviewers should treat a submitted article as a confidential document and should not be made public, and therefore should not use, share or disclose unpublished information in an article. Reviewers should not publicly discuss an author's work before the article is published. Reviewers should not keep the article for their personal use and should destroy copies of articles after submitting their reviews.

Reviewers should not have any conflict of interest regarding the reviewed articles.

Reviewers should disclose to editors any conflicts of interest that may bias their views on the manuscript and should avoid reviewing specific manuscripts if there is potential for bias. Reviewers should not use their knowledge of the work they are reviewing to develop their own interests before publication.

Reviewers should evaluate the article in a timely manner.

Reviewers must fulfill their responsibilities by carefully evaluating a particular research article within the specified time limits. If the reviewers cannot review the article within a certain time, they should immediately inform the editorial board by e-mail to the editor.

Reviewers should cite relevant published work that has not yet been cited.

Reviewers should bring to the attention of the editor any significant similarities between the reviewed article and any published article.

If You Encounter an Unethical Situation

In case of encountering an unethical behavior or content other than the ethical responsibilities mentioned above in the International Holistic Health, Sports and Recreation Journal, please report it to via e-mail.