About the Journal

Holistic health; It is a concept that includes all kinds of physical, mental, emotional, social, occupational, spiritual and social issues and aims to be "healthy, happy and peaceful" holistically. Another concept that represents being healthy, happy, peaceful and renewed is recreation. Adding to this, the concept of sports representing movement, 'physical, mental, social' etc. Journal of Holistic Health, Sports and Recreation, which started its publishing life in order to publish scientific studies covering renewal and development in many aspects and to reach the readers, is a peer-reviewed, international scientific journal that publishes in Turkish and English two a year (December-Jun).

The languages of the studies to be published in the journal are Turkish and English.

The journal also meets the national publication requirement.

Original scientific studies in the fields of Health, Sports and Recreation are published in the journal. Scientific ethical and all legal responsibilities of the published studies belong to the author(s).

The editorial coordinator can be contacted at editor@holisticrecreation.com

E-ISSN: 2979-9740